Essay Children Need Music Education

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Music is a form of life that has a variety of purposes; even the human mind cannot comprehend them all. It should be considered a need but because of the economy and its hardship it has bestowed upon people, when school budgets tighten, music programs feel the pressure early and brace for a potential beating (Jennings). Our education system should allow children to express themselves through efficacious learning experiences, giving them the opportunity them to get in-touch with, and strengthen, their creativity (Lim and Chung, Sunderman 60, Terrance). There is no doubt other programs include this, but when it comes to music, people question its ability and it is often considered “not cool.” Without music in our education programs, children…show more content…
The male musicians’ cerebella appeared to be five percent larger than the non-musicians, suggesting that extra nerve growth was stimulated by the precise finger exercises performed over many years (Holden). In addition, a child’s memory is active and improves, thriving for more fuel. This aspect should not be denied. Scientists at the Chinese University of Hong Kong studied sixty female college students, and the results give insight to how a musical enhanced brain functions efficiently. After a list of words was read to the students, it was revealed that whoever studied music as a child remembered “significantly more” than those who held no music training at all (Holden). The brain develops according to the impact of embrace, and if it is great, then the outcome is great as well. A member of the board of directors for the National School Boards Association, Joan Schmidt, claims, “School board members need to pay attention to the research on music and the brain because some of it has profound implications for school governance”(Music 24). There is more to what meets the eye, and schools can better their students if they search for the brain food craved. A child’s mind is an open book that authoritarian figures can fill with music, making it worth the time to read. It is often overlooked how
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