Children Need To Be A Turning Point Essay

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An activity could be created with just a simple resource such as a sack bag which could be given to each individual in the class in order for them to be participate in the activity. An example of a suitable activity for a stage 2 year 3 class is the game called ‘race in the sack’. Within the setup of this activity it is required for it to be played in a wide open area, the students are then to be divided into as many teams as you like. In the use of another resource of a marker or a cone we will need to designate a turning point for the students. The rule for this activity is that children are going to incorporate the skill of ‘jumping’ within this physical activity called vigorous which is defined to be where children’s heart rate increases significantly through their actions e.g. “brisk walking, running, jumping…show more content…
The teacher also needs to take in consideration of the differentiation of specific students e.g. with disability, lower body strength which is an important factor in relation to body size for independent students in performing motor skills. The team will continue until everyone has had a turn to jump all the way to the turning point and back to the starting point, the first team to finish is the winner. In consideration of safety of this resource will vary depending on their disability for specific students in the class and the activity may be need to be modified for all students to have the opportunity to participate. For example in this circumstance a child that finds it difficult to jump in the sack bag could be placed in an individual team that does not use sack bags instead they jump throughout the track without using a sack bag e.g. sack bag versus no sack
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