Children Of A Child Protection Process Essay

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There are a number of different organisations that may be involved when a young person or child has been abused or harmed. This includes health visitors, GP’s, the police, schools, the NSPCC, psychologists, school nurses and probation workers.
Health visitors have a vital role in protecting children from harm and abuse because they are one of the first to recognise children who are likely to be abused or neglected. They play a big part in all stages of a child protection process including case reviews. They support and guide parents of young children, provide developmental checks on children under the age of five, have contact with many multi agencies and they support the work of the Local Safeguarding Children’s Board (LSCB). They are trained to a high level to recognise any risks that the child might be in and also they will visit the children at home. They are in a position to gather information from very early on and therefore this enables them to start the process quite quickly when any signs or concerns of abuse or neglect are detected. The health visitor will need to have ongoing contact with the family if abuse or neglect is suspected. Health visitors should use their own judgement on when to share information with other agencies.

The role of a General Practitioner is to maintain their skills in recognising if a child is being abused or neglected. They need to follow all correct procedures if abuse or neglect is suspected. All GP’s should have regular training and
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