Children Of Addicted And Codependent Parents

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I was fascinated by the roles that children portray when they are victims of addicted and codependent parents. The blamer is the child who blames the parent or other family members. The placater is the child who will do anything to keep the peace in the dysfunctional family and home. The computer is the child, who is super rational; furthermore, they intellectualize using their defense mechanism. The pain, suffering, and agony of the addicted parent is too great; therefore, they hide their pain. The star child is the child the come home with the best grades, gifted and talented, the head cheerleader, or the star football player. These children are trying to escape the pain and seek the attention of the parent. This can work both ways, and…show more content…
The insecure/preoccupied anxious attachment style preoccupied, and they seek approval from their partners. They tend to extremely clingy; consequently, pushing the person away with their self-doubts and insecurities. Individuals who have fearful/avoidant attachment style tend to have suffered abuse or sexual abuse, and they want close relationships, nonetheless they cannot bring themselves to be intimate with other people.
The majority of children living in a dysfunctional family with a drug addicted parent will not develop a secure attachment with another individual, where the relationship revolves around intimacy and mutual understanding. Parents who are codependent on each other have learned to regard the dysfunction as normal, and their children could be susceptible to numerous scenarios. They could become the target of their parent’s abuse, either sexual or physical. The children of codependent parents could easily gain access to drugs or alcohol since no one is paying attention to the child. The codependent parents are preoccupied with the alcoholic or drug addicted parent, and they might never bother to realize their child is in grave danger. The codependent parent’s children might never recover fully from the trauma, abuse, or neglect inflicted on them. In addition, the children learn to become adults who repeat the vicious cycle of domestic violence or abuse themselves. Children of codependent parent might grow resilient despite
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