Children Of Ancient Chin Children And Age

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Daniela Arias
January 27, 2016
Period 7

Children in Ancient China

Children in Ancient China had different expectations laid out for them, mostly dependent on gender and age. One of the most important values instilled in children was respect. Children were expected to respect authority figures above all, but also to respect those in their immediate family. Religion and philosophies in Ancient China played a major role in what was expected of Chinese children. Expectations also varied depending on the child’s social status. Confucianism in particular is acknowledged as the major influence in the daily lives of Chinese people, but especially children. One of the most important aspects of a child’s life in any setting is their ability to become educated. However, only boys were expected to do so, and a greater emphasis was placed on ensuring that boys gained an education than girls. The Han dynasty the expansion of a unified empire can be viewed as “the most momentous and profound impetus for the unprecedented focus on children in early China.” The expectations for girls and boys varied immensely. Young boys were taught in the Asix arts. This allowed the boys to develop the abilities necessary to eventually serve in government. They were taught core subjects such as mathematics, music, and writing. The boys were also instructed in physical skills, such as charioteering. It was imperative that the boys gained a greater understanding of religion and rituals. A heavy…

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