Children Of Children For Adhd

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Most schools want all of the children to think the same and learn the same throughout their education. Teaching this way does not help children learn it pushes them to all be the same. They do this by medicating children, shutting down divergent thinking, and trying to make every child learn the same way. This makes learning very difficult for some children. Medicating children for ADHD has increased it is now about as common as having your tonsils removed. It is in place I feel like to drown out the children that can not learn just by sitting in a class being lectured. They medicate these children so they are calm and can sit there and just stare at you and listen. My cousin is on ADHD medication he is a very hyper active child and my aunt could not figure out how to get him to calm down. He was taken to the doctor and they put him on medication and you can really see the difference. After he was put on this medication his creativity and happiness when down so much. When he is given the medication he just sits their and stares and is just so out of it he does not even seem like himself. Personally I think that there have to be other ways to help these children then shoving pills down the child 's throat. We have to find other ways to help these children learn in their own way. Shutting down divergent thinking is another way they try to make every child the same. In the video " Changing Education Paradigms " Sir Ken Robinson says " We 're getting our children

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