Children Of Ethnic Backgrounds : Early Childhood Educators

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In the day care there are different children of ethnic backgrounds, early childhood educators should honestly be aware that A. Driscoll|N.G. Nagel states ‘the connection between the child’s success at something and of their racial and ethnic self-esteem. A child’s identity is going to emerge into concept especially when they stress which become ambiguous ethnicity or the conflicts about how their dual ethnic identity is in their life” ( (July 20, 2010) A classroom is a place filled with diversity and it where children of all different ethnic backgrounds come together to learn different things to get ready for life. In a classroom it’s like a large melting pot filled with cultures that the children can learn about. When the children of an interracial couple goes to school, the parent are asked about what is the child mixed with, and the answer varies. “Children in multiracial families might resemble each other, but the children do begin to notice differences in the physical appearances right away when they are in daycare, but school aged children soon begin to structure out their multicultural and multiracial personality. As the children gets to the much closer point to recognize their influence of identity and friendships in the society in life. Children soon want to start asking questions on why their parents look help a child in child education you have to be able to answer…
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