Children Of Illegal Immigrants Are At Risk Of Limited Supply Of Resources And Basic Needs

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The children born to illegal immigrants are at risk of limited supply of resources and basic needs. In fact, there is a limitation of access to quality education. It is troublesome for children born in the illegal family. Despite the precarious situation, the children are subjected to; the welfare of children of illegal immigrants can be secured in various ways.
The US government is taking measures to ensure that the children are comfortable. In this regard, the government offers free housing and care for the children. Additionally, the dietitians have also taken the initiative to offer the children a balanced diet to boost their physical growth and development. Moreover, counselors also offer helpful skills and guidance to the children to enhance their intellectual and social development. The children’s language barrier problem is countered by English language training offered by the counselors. The vulnerability of the children to diseases and infections is countered by the prompt response of doctors to the children’s physical discomfort. The children also have the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals provision. The provision enables children to access free legal clinic. The children’s suffering can also be reduced through the applications to the Special Immigrant Juvenile Status (SIJI). The application guarantees the children permanent residency in the United States. In fact, the children who apply and qualify for the SIJI cease to have any attachment to either of…
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