Children Of Illegal Immigrants Are At Risk Of Limited Supply Of Resources And Basic Needs

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The children born to illegal immigrants are at risk of limited supply of resources and basic needs. In fact, there is a limitation of access to quality education. It is troublesome for children born in the illegal family. Despite the precarious situation, the children are subjected to; the welfare of children of illegal immigrants can be secured in various ways.
The US government is taking measures to ensure that the children are comfortable. In this regard, the government offers free housing and care for the children. Additionally, the dietitians have also taken the initiative to offer the children a balanced diet to boost their physical growth and development. Moreover, counselors also offer helpful skills and guidance to the children
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The law recognizes the children as abused, neglected and abandoned. Additionally, SIJI allows children to access to employment. Employment in the US is important because it guarantees access to income and other basic needs and wants, which illegal immigrants never access. The other option the vulnerable children of illegal families is the Violence against Women Act.
The Act allows the children to access public benefits and employment authorization. Additionally, the provision guarantees the chidden the right to obtain permanent residency. The other option for the venerable children is the U Nonimmigrant status provision. According to Eastman, the U Nonimmigrant status provision is usually applicable to the individuals who can help in the investigation of certain crimes and offer useful information (3). There is a visa offered to the people who earn such status. Consequently, they are allowed to reside in the United States for some time legally. The provision also guarantees employment authorization, which allows noncitizens to take up employment in various companies. Moreover, the provision allows the children to access public benefits. The illegal family children are also entitled to a trafficking Visa.
The Visa protects children and other adults who have been subjects of severe human trafficking. The children are usually covered under such a visa because the other members of a victim of human trafficking are eligible for the Visa. The Trafficking
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