Children Of Lonliness By Anzia Yezierska

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The bond between parents and children never deteriorates. Even in times of conflict, there is always some love and unity between parents and children. However, as time goes on and generations drift apart, different methods of behavior develop. The tensions between parent and child define the conflict in Amy Tan’s Two Kinds, Anzia Yezierska’s Children of Loneliness, and Gish Jen’s Who’s Irish. These conflicts explore the cultural gap between the two--the way they act differently, their behavioral differences, and their different thought processes are all conflicts found in the short stories. Although there is always love and unity between parents and children, the generational divide between parents and children is shown through the concept of
“non obedience,” the
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The daughter could still learn, however, she chooses to disobey her mother and merely pretend to learn piano.
This indirect rebellion is a central conflict in Two Kinds, both internal, through her thoughts, and external, through her relationship with her mother. In Children of Loneliness, by Anzia
Yezierska, Rachel struggles with the generational differences to a degree in which she indirectly dehumanizes her own family. She “[jumped] up from the table in disgust; ‘I’ll never be able to stand it here with you people’(Yezierska, 178).” She refers to her own family as “you people” as if they are a different species or race, even though they are her parents who raised her. These two examples demonstrate the conflict between parents and children as well as the concept of “non obedience” in the new generation. However, another factor is parenting style.
The shift in parenting styles through time further differentiates the parents and children with changes in parenting and punishment. In Gish Jen’s Who’s Irish, the parenting styles of two generations clash over their daughter/granddaughter, Sophie. Two perspectives fight over how

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