Children Of Men : An Unconventional Sci Fi Film

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Children of Men: An Unconventional Sci-Fi Film
According to Bill Nichols, genre films create a world in which personal and social conflicts are addressed; they have the ability to draw an audience into this world and explore the imagination of an alternate reality. The science fiction genre, also known as sci-fi, establishes genre conventions that distinguish it from other genre films, by creating thought provoking content that appeals to a wide audience. It creates a world altered by time and technology; some societies are often displayed as dystopias, where oppression and disorder serve as the backdrop for the film. Another convention of sci-fi is the ability to activate emotions such as awe, wonder, fascination, fear, and dread, especially through the characters. These elements help serve the main purpose of sci-fi, which is to offer allegorical suggestions about how relative conflicts might be tackled in this reality. The goal of sci-fi is not to stray into this unnatural fantastical world but to offer a possible and realistic approach to what the future could become. One film that exemplifies and creatively challenges the typical conventions of sci-fi is Children of Men, directed by Alfonso Cuaron. Through effective use of narrative structure, mise-en-scene, editing and cinematography, Cuaron paints a realistic vision of the future, and rejects advancements of technology to avoid common sci-fi elements. With the verisimilitude of the film and documentary style filming,

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