Children Of Men By Alfonso Cuaron

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Children of Men Children of Men is a film that forces the viewers to take notice of how the future is born out of the present, and to be conscious of the misguided implications of the choices we make or accept today. The director, Alfonso Cuarón, visually applied the background to tell the story and warn us of a world that is not too far from our own without fully distracting the viewers’ attention from the foreground. To start off, Cuarón brilliantly portrayed how significant the background is with amplifying the destructive state of London without blatantly laying it out for the viewers. Among the majority of films produced, the foreground is seen as the intended focus while the background remains just that, the background. Evan Puschak, also known as The Nerdwriter who does weekly video essays that aim to cultivate worldview, states that, “so much attention is paid to the lead story, the foreground, that the background can go by without much notice” (Puschak). The foreground story that Cuarón presents is about an infertile world in which the only hope resides with a government bureaucrat getting a pregnant refugee to the Human Project. However, the contrast of the background story shows an imagery that leaves the viewers pondering if the shimmer of hope in the young refugee can really revolutionize the current state of the down-spiraling country. The entire film’s background story is communicated through the camera as captured in newspaper headlines, billboards, TV
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