Children Of The Classroom Benefit Students By Teaching Responsibility, Boosting Self Esteem, And Helping With Children With

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Pets in the classroom benefit students by teaching responsibility, boosting self-esteem, and helping with children with anxiety. “From early childhood, the desire to keep a pet is almost universal; children dream frequently about animals; images and pictures of animals dominate children 's books; children who keep pets often regard baby-faced animals as siblings; and there appears to simply be an human attraction to, or at least interest in, non-human animals” (Daly, Suggs 104). “Keeping pet animals within a teaching environment has always been a popular feature of elementary classrooms” (Zasloff et al. 347). One way that children can benefit from having a classroom pet is that pets build a child`s self-esteem, helping them to be more…show more content…
With a class pet children will learn the proper way to handle and care for the pet. Children can learn the responsibility of taking care of an animal from having a pet in their classroom. Children will learn what it takes to care for something other than themselves by feeding the pet lunch or cleaning out the pet`s cage. Children are introduced to the world of animals by having a class pet, especially if they do not have a pet at home. Students who do not have a pet at home are able to see, touch, and help take care of one at school. When a student does not have a pet at home, they lose an experience to be close to a non-human being. Having a pet in their classroom could help them experience new feelings, gain new abilities, and be able to understand what it is like to take care of something other than themselves. Math and science can be brought to life with a class pet. The class can learn multiplication, fractions, time, animal behavior, etc. Pets can also improve a child`s health. Many have done research relating to the benefits of a person`s health. Children who have pets are less likely to get sick. Children who have pets are at school more than children who do not. There are also some negative aspects of keeping a class pet. One of the cons to keeping a class pet is cleaning up after it. Every pet, no matter how clean it is, needs its cage cleaned once a week. The pet also needs care over the weekend and over breaks.
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