Children Of The Great Depression

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The book Children of the Great Depression: Social Change in Life Experience was written by Glen H. Elder, to inform the audience of the effects that the Great Depression had on children that lived during that time period. The author 's argument is that the children of the Great Depression were psychologically affected by the economic hardships encountered by their families. This book relates to Hawk 's Nest because it is set in the Great Depression. In the field of child development, one aspect of that we look at is social development, and what impacts that development. This book explores the "Oakland Growth Study" that was conducted "more than forty years ago, and to the extraordinary ingenuity and persistence of Glen Elder, who took data collected for totally different purposes, reconceptualized them, and brought them to bear on a set of significant sociological questions" (Elder xvii). This reconceptualization of the data from the Oakland Growth study is called secondary data analysis. This is effective because the data is free, but because Elder was on the research team later in the study he was already familiar with the data when reanalyzing. The primary audience intended for the book is focused toward academics. This is prominent in the way that the book was written. To fully understand the text one would have to be proficient in the subject area because there is some field-specific vocabulary in the book. The audience of the original study was very limited,
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