Children Of The Holocaust Survivor

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As children of the Holocaust survivor, Jacob in Fugitive Pieces by Anne Michael 's novel haunted from his past from his memories of his parents and his beloved sister Bella. Growing up with Athos care, Jacob struggles to adapt to a new environment as a child with his memories of his parents still preserve into his mind and battling to make what might have happened to his sister Bella. As Jacob ponders on his past, his memories become stronger and save him that will eventually free him from pain and suffering. Trying to forget his past, Jacob becomes a poet and translator as a way to free himself from his traumatic experience of losing his family from the Holocaust. My paper will argue that in Anne Michael 's Fugitive Pieces, personal memories, meaningful images that are limited and subjective to one person, influences Jacob to discover coping mechanism to deal with his pain of remembering and to provide him with a moral compass from using his imagination to remember his past.
Repression of Memories To try to deal with his memory of his parents and sister Bella, Jacob develops ways to repress his memories of losing his family during the Holocaust. His painful memories of losing his parents haunt him throughout his life. Memories that are so vivid, he has a difficult time letting go of his past most importantly his sister Bella whom he admires and loves unconditionally. His growing affection toward his sister and trying to recreate his memories leads him to create his view…
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