Children Of The Indian Residential Schools

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More than 150,000 First Nations children between the age of 4-16 attended the Indian Residential schools (Anishinabek Nation). These children were abused physically, sexually, emotionally and were banned from speaking their native language. Residential schools formed strained relationships in Canada today because they tried to put an end to the Indigenous culture, they made indigenous children feel ashamed of their culture and most Canadians have ended up with one-sided version of history.
For a very long period of time aboriginal children as young as four years of age were forcefully taken away from their families to establishments known as residential schools which were run by the federal government and religious orders. The Canadian government felt it was their responsibility to educate and care for the aboriginal children and the best method would be for these children to learn English and Christianity. If it succeeded with this, the aboriginal children would pass this on to their children and in the long run the Indian culture will be forgotten. The children were their main targets because they felt that children were more easily influenced than adults and it would take a long time and a lot energy to try and convince the adults to drop their culture which was termed ‘ignorant’ (CBC-News). According to Theodore Fontaine, residential schools were responsible for “killing the Indian in the child’ (Cariou and Sinclair 176). The establishment of these schools started with…
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