Children Of The New Generation

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Every day millions of Americans are in line at a fast food restaurant instead of making a home cooked meal. What is this teaching the children of the new generation? Fast food is the easy route and not just that but it taste so good. Is this going to make the world a healthier place even if there are healthy options on the menu? I want to research the intake of diet soda, regular soda, and sweetened beverages and how this can possibly bring harm to the human body. Also, I want to further my research by looking at the different policies that come along with food. Obesity is a huge problem in America. Due to all the new technology arising everyday, children are becoming more inactive then any other generations to walk this earth. I looked at my parents generation and saw how much more active their childhood was compared to my generation. First, I looked at the average energy intake for a man is 2,640 calories, while women are 1,785 per day. In America this average goes up due to the obesity problem. “High sugared drinks can be causes long-term disease in our body over time” (Ma et al, 462). By looking at this article, I realize that sweetened drinks are connected to different varieties of sodas and play a huge part into lives as an American. Just like soda these drinks have a high amount of sugar involved. These researchers did a cross-sectional study between sweetened drinks and diet soda (Ma et al, 462). The participants were apart of the Framingham cohort. The participants…
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