Children Of The New Generation

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Every day millions of Americans are in line at a fast food restaurant instead of making a home cooked meal. What is this teaching the children of the new generation? Fast food is the easy route and not just that but it taste so good. Is this going to make the world a healthier place even if there are healthy options on the menu? I want to research the intake of diet soda, regular soda, and sweetened beverages and how this can possibly bring harm to the human body. Also, I want to further my research by looking at the different policies that come along with food. Obesity is a huge problem in America. Due to all the new technology arising everyday, children are becoming more inactive then any other generations to walk this earth. I looked…show more content…
To find out the results they did a food frequency questionnaire to find out the intake of each beverage in these participants. The researchers concluded the sweetened drinks were more connected to liver disease rather than the diet soda in the participants that were overweight or obese (Ma et al, 462). This study was limited due to the fact that they all had participants from Framingham cohort. Next, I observed the study from Chan, Wang and Holly’s experiment. These researchers examined the correlation between sweets, sweeteners and Pancreatic cancer (Wang et al, 835). The results show that certain sugars and sweets do increase the risk for pancreatic cancer. Sweeteners and sweets were thought to be the cause of this health risk but it happens to actually be the low calorie drinks that increase the risk of this disease (Wang et al, 835). By looking at this research I was able to determine that soft drinks can have the ability to play into health risks later in life. The nation needs to alert the world of these little dangers because it can affect many Americans in the long run. Later, I went onto compare the pros and cons between diet soda and regular soda. I came upon an article written by Dana Dovey, which focuses on topic of Diet soda versus Regular soda. Diet soda is not going to help weight loss but more likely make you gain. “Artificial sweeteners found in diet sodas have been
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