Children Of The Sea Analysis

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The first Chapter, “Children of the Sea” is an example of the past affecting the present. Two people that are in love write the other letters in hope of seeing one another again. At home the girl lives with her mother “manman” and father “papa” , whom she think disapproves of the man she is in love with. The boy she loves fled to America on a boat, in the past he would go on a radio and try to give other people hope that everything will get better. The new leaders did not like this, it caused a lot of beating and rape. For example, the soldiers were not allowed to storm into their house and make the son and mother or daughter and father sleep together. So you see how both stories connect in a away. The boy’s past impacted the girl’s future.…show more content…
She has different customers (men) come on different days of the week as if it were an actual business. She does her business behind a curtain so that her son won’t see her in a disgraceful way. The mother is afraid about her son realizing what she is doing because he is started to get older and will be able to recognize what she is doing . If her son were to ever wake up while she is doing her job with another married man she would pan over to her kid to tell him that it is his father visiting for one night and that an angel brought him back from Heaven. The mother in this story was portrayed as a bad and irresponsible mother because she has a child and still a prostitute. I believe that she was feared because she was seen as someone who do anything for money, even as far as to sell her own body, without knowing the reason why she did it. I feel that society has always judged people’s actions without knowing the reason behind it. This fear benefits people in power by grouping women in a category. They use the fear to make people avoid the women who are portrayed in a negative spotlight when they just want to provide for their
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