Children Of The United States

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People often say they have a choice, but in certain situations we don’t have the option due to our circumstances. For example, children don’t have an input on the choices their parents make and as an outcome their future can be effected. Over the years parents migrate to the United States bringing their children hoping for a better future and new opportunities. The children that come to this country aren’t aware of the laws being broken or the consequences of not being citizens of this country. As they grow older, being here illegally without a choice can cause conflicts while trying to build a career and provide a stable home for their families. Being in this country illegally creates many obstacles that they had to overcome due to the limited resources available. Luckily there are a few programs for young adults that provide a chance to succeed in this country and make them feel like this country is their home.

To start, The United States is a country filled with immigrants and if were to deport them all it would make a drastic change and make an impact on the country. Congress tried to pass (Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors Act) the Dream Act a few times, but unfortunately it did not pass. Although the act was not approved the first time they continued to try until it was successful. In 2010 the act was finally established, but only in selected states. The few selected states included were Texas, California, Utah, Washington, New York, Wisconsin,
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