Children On The Waitlist For Licensed Nursery School

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Title: Children on the Waitlist for Licensed Nursery School in Tokyo.
From: Public Secretary of the Governor in Tokyo Metropolitan Government
According to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government (TMG) report, there are 8,466 children on the waitlist for nursery schools in Tokyo as of April 1st 2016, Japan . The number has been increased by 652 from last year. This situation is the problem from viewpoints of two perspectives.
First, it will lead to the delay of women participation in labor force, and it can be serious from the viewpoint of human rights. According to the report of Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare (MHLW) in Japan, the ratio of female and male workers who took the child-care leaves are 81.5% and 2.7% respectively . This comes from the traditional notion that men are breadwinners. Therefore, the nursery shortage prevents mainly women from returning to their jobs, leading further gender inequality.
Another perspective is the economic issue. The delay of women participation in labor force could be serious in the long run. Japan is an aging society, and percentage of the population aged 65 and over is now 26.0%, and this ratio is expected to go up to 36.1% by 2040 . In order to achieve further economic growth, McKinsey & Company points out that labor-force participation of female in the 25–44 age should go up to about 80 percent by 2040, from 71 percent .
The problem comes from the gap between the demand and supply for licensed nursery school,

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