Children Should Be Exposed From A Young Age

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1. Background and Focus
1.1 A child’s lifestyle even from a young age will impact his or her health throughout adolescence and adulthood. According to Health People, “Diet reflects the foods and beverages consumed over time and in various settings such as worksites, schools, restaurants, and the home. Interventions to support a healthier diet can help ensure that individuals have the knowledge and skills to make healthier choices and healthier options are available and affordable (Healthy People). In order to live a full and healthy life, children should be exposed to proper nutrition and exercise. I believe that it is up to parents and school systems to provide environments that support healthy choices. In contrast, low-levels of exercise coupled with unhealthy diets can result in a child being overweight and developing chronic diseases.
1.2 The risk of developing a chronic disease depends on several factors and how they interact throughout one’s life. These risk factors can combine thus increasing the risk for disease (WHO). Children that maintain unhealthy diets coupled with little to no exercise are likely to simultaneously develop health issues (WHO). For example, a child that does minimal physical activity and eats a lot of sugary foods is more likely to develop high blood pressure along with diabetes.
1.3 Both children and parents that practice unhealthy habits such as low-levels of exercising and consuming foods with poor nutritional value are more likely to…
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