Children Should Be Independent Learners Essay

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Philosophy is the study of the fundamental nature of knowledge, reality, and existence, especially when considered as an academic discipline. When it comes to education my overall philosophy is that I believe children should be happy to learn, teach themselves through self-activity,be motivated, and gain independence through learning. Friedrich Froebel agrees with what I believe because he stressed the importance of creating a happy, harmonious environment in which he/ she can grow and value self activity and play as a foundation on which the developement of a whole person can be built. Children are as intelligent as when they get older, so being able to learn independence now will help them be better in their future. . In addition,…show more content…
However, I do like the idea of the independence factor, I feel it allows to child to grow more confident, and helps them to see the real world as it is for when they get older. Education should be something that a child will want to look forward to, not depise it for the rest of their days. If happiness is brought into their independent learning skills maybe learning wouldnt be so bad, and perhaps fun. Thats what I would like for students everywhere. We have defined happiness formally as the complete and sufficient good for a human being, but there are many different views of what sorts of life satisfy this definition. Agreeing with me, Aristotle believes the several ways in what happiness consists in. What I believe is that happiness comes in different levels. There are also the different factors of what creates happiness for each individual. For example, most people love money and feel as if money is everything, then there are those other people who feel money is a material thing that doesn’t define how you live. My mother and I are like these people, I feel as if you need money to get to where you want in life, and you can pretty much buy happiness. However, she feels as if money may be useful in life, but it’s not the thing that creates your happiness perse. Why I say all this is because money is like education. If learning is something that can benefit the child, even if they hate it, they will do it, but then there are also those students to just love to
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