Children Should Be Independent Learners Essay

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Philosophy is the study of the fundamental nature of knowledge, reality, and existence, especially when considered as an academic discipline. When it comes to education my overall philosophy is that I believe children should be happy to learn, teach themselves through self-activity,be motivated, and gain independence through learning. Friedrich Froebel agrees with what I believe because he stressed the importance of creating a happy, harmonious environment in which he/ she can grow and value self activity and play as a foundation on which the developement of a whole person can be built. Children are as intelligent as when they get older, so being able to learn independence now will help them be better in their future.
. In addition, Montessori believed that children should educate themselves: “It may be said that we acquire knowledge by using our minds; but the child absorbs knowledge directly into his psychic life. Simply by continuing to live, the child learns to speak his native tongue" (Montessori 1) Paraphrasing on what he said, he stated that teachers show respect for children when they help them do things and learn for themselves. When children have choices, they are able to develop the skills and abilities necessary for effective learning, and to eventually gain a positive self-esteem. Montessori believed that “it is necessary for the teacher to guide the child without letting him feel her presence too much, so that she may be always ready to supply the desired…