Children Should Be Mandatory For Children

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In 1998 Andrew Wakefield released a paper linking the MMR vaccine to autism. This article caused panic among parents, leaving a trail of unvaccinated children. This trail eventually lead to a nationwide outbreak of the measles virus. This is the worst outbreak the US has seen since 1994. Even though Wakefield’s publication has been discredited, there are still parents that choose not to protect their children because of his study. These children not being vaccinated is hurting our nation by lowering our herd immunity. It should be mandatory for children to receive vaccines. Children should be vaccinated because the research is conclusive that vaccines do not cause autism, children benefit from the vaccines, and help protect others who cannot be medically vaccinated. According to Tafuri, Martinelli , Prato and Germinario (2011) the anti-vaccination movement was started by Andrew Wakefield in 1998. Wakefield published a paper in the Lancet of a study he conducted of twenty patients. This published study determined that autism and some forms of colitis were caused by the MMR vaccine (pg.1). Despite the fact the study has been discredited by medical professionals, and retracted by the Lancet, parents are still choosing not to vaccinate their children based on these falsified reports. Newer research reported by CNN as published by the British medical journal determines Wakefield, “misrepresented or altered the medical histories of all 12 of the patients whose cases
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