Children Should Be Safe For Children

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People can know that the kids are young shoots of every country so that they need to take care carefully. In 2011-2012, the National Center for Health Statistics notices the U.S.A children about 7.5 percent between 6 and 17 years old to take medication for their disease.1 Also, these kids can take many drugs; it can be reduce their pain at this moment. However, their parents can see these symptoms after overmedicated with their children so that these medications need to be safe for the children. Parents need to ensure the correct dose to avoid memory loss of children. Besides, the parents need to consider the overmedicated children when they take care of their children at home. Nowadays, the parents are so busy with their jobs, and they make money to support their daily fees. Their children have to stay with baby-sitter, and they will not take care carefully when they stay with their dad or their mom. In addition, when the children are sick, they are taken overmedicated to reduce their pain. These drugs use to have different behavioral and feeling; the parents almost do not have time to support a good condition at home. The parents can complain about these pharmaceutical businesses to sell these drugs for profit. These drugs can have many functions for different treatment; psychiatrists have these antidepressants medications with the children. Moreover, the children take drugs to support their brain having good result at school, and their parents allow them using to achieve
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