Children Should Keep Their Innocence

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“Children should have love, joy, and compassion. Most of all children should keep their innocence in this cruel world,” quoted anonymously. Karen Sanchez, a volunteer manager who has a passion for children and a love to help them in any possible way she could. Her role at the children’s shelter is to assign individuals who have the same passion as her to volunteer and play with the children but most of all to make them feel safe and cared for. Mrs. Sanchez took time out of her busy schedule to meet with us on October 6, 2015 at The San Antonio Children’s Shelter to share information about the children shelter that gives us more information about the care, mission, and goals about the children’s shelter. Mrs. Sanchez worked at the children’s museum before she worked at the children’s shelter until a close friend of hers asked her to go with her and work at the shelter. Several times Mrs. Sanchez declined her friend until she thought she should give it a try. Sixteen years later Mrs. Sanchez has been a volunteer manager at the children’s shelter and has had a passion for the children since day one. She expresses how much the children and the shelter have given her so much enthusiasm to continue to help and work not only for the children but for the community as well. The children’s shelter have received donations from Alamo Kiwanis Club, Bank of America, Beaumont Foundation of America, Bulverde Boat and Storage, Capital Group Companies, Elizabeth H. Coates Foundation,
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