Children Should Learn Through Experimentation

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The Piagetian idea to leave the child experience, as they enable to search spontaneous and an educational practice where prime activity on the language, does not resemble reflections which handles Vygotsky. This aspect introduces us to another important divergence point between the two researchers: Language. For Piaget the language must be taken to court and accused of major damage, because the teachers use and abuse of the language in education. While Vygotsky is of very importance, since it is the conduit through which pass the cultural products. In addition, it is the instrument for establishing the symbolic exchange. Piaget sees the verbalism as an evil. For him, the language is given precedence over the practice as a means of transmission of knowledge, which implies that the child learn by assimilation, by repetition and obligation. This is framed within the conception that the child should learn through experimentation and where the teacher does not have to transmit knowledge but to facilitate or encourage the discovery of knowledge. This is the idea that children should be exposed to the objects and thus you are going to learn.
The above leads us to thinking about the Vygotsky language and, by extension, the role of the school and the teacher. In view that, we are immersed in any culture, the products of that culture are transmitted mostly by language. Also, picking up with the learning, Vygotsky handles the concept of Zone of Proximal Development, which refers to the
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