Children Should Not Be Beaten Or Hurt Physically

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Children don’t deserve to be beaten or hurt physically. Some kids or teens may think everything will get better but really sometimes it gets worse and worse. The abuser may think that if he/she buys stuff after the abuse then that will make up for the pain but that’s not how it works. If the offender don’t get the right punishment or harsher punishment then they will more likely to do it again. After the abuse and the child or teen grows up they might be so traumatized from the abuse they might not even trust anyone anymore. Some abused kids when grown and have kids of their own might abuse them.
It’s not ok to abuse people its mean, wrong, and nasty. Abusers now days don’t get enough punishments for the abuse or crime they have done. There is so many ways that abusers choose to abuse. There is sexual abuse, incest abuse, beating abuse, emotional abuse, and so much more abuse. A lot of people walk and talk to at least one abuser or walk and talk to a person being abused.
Victims of child abuse may feel that they are bad and deserve the abuse. They usually have poor self-esteem. Trauma in children can take years to manifest; therefore, it is important that victims of child abuse receive counseling as soon as possible after the abuse is disclosed. In addition to physical injuries that may be the result of abuse, child victims may develop eating disorders or sleep disturbances, including nightmares. They may develop speech disorders or developmental lags in their motor…
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