Children Should Not Be Raised On Single Parent Households

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Yancee Fricks Mrs. Olson English III - Per. 6 18 Apr. 2017 Creative Title Did you know 30% of children in the United States live in a single-parent household as of 2012? ( )Every year this number is on the rise and it is causing children everywhere to suffer. When children are raised in an environment with only one parent they can have less opportunities and less supervision than a child with two parents. Children should not be raised in single-parent households because it can lead to abuse from parents, violence in children and poverty. First and foremost, abuse from a parent is an issue that can often arise when children are living with a single-parent. According to this quote from an article, “A 31-year-old Ohio woman was recently…show more content…
"Children of divorced parents are up to six times more likely to be delinquent than children from intact families” (Curt Alfrey) this statistic shows that delinquency is seen in single-parent homes more than in homes with two parents. Children need guidance from their parents to instill values such as not to use violence when they are frustrated and to the choose the right friends to avoid landing themselves into a gang or other bad situations. This quote from a criminal defense attorney, “Children in intact families tend to receive more supervision and are thus less likely to get into trouble, Alfrey asserts. Moreover, he claims, economic situations sometimes force single-parent families into higher-crime neighborhoods, where school officials and law enforcement may more readily treat the children as delinquents” (Curt Alfrey) demonstrates from someone who has seen first hand the effects of single-parents, can lead to violence in children. Children are often around more crime when they are living in a single-parent household because they have less of an income and are forced into worse neighborhoods. Additionally, this can lead to children picking up on these violent behaviors and can also lead to getting involved with gangs. All of these behaviors are bad for the children and can lead them down the wrong path in life instead of being on the path to success. Lastly, poverty is the biggest disadvantage for
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