Children Should Not Be Tried As Adults

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Over the years the question on whether trying children as adults has come across many people’s minds on whether it is good, bad, and will it change anything. Many say that trying children is good and that they should be tried as adults. Many say that trying children is good and that they should be tried as adults because of their wrongdoings. Most children should know when something is right or wrong and know when they are committing a crime. If a child knows that something is wrong, a child should know consequences come along with the crime. It is good to try a child because this way the child knows that the law is no joke and should not be taken for granted. A child being tried receives discipline and learns knowledge not to do the crime again. Children, according to the opposing argument, should not be tried as adults. Most of the children being tried as adults are very young. Many of these children do not have the knowledge or understanding of what is right or wrong. When a child gets tried, most of the children do not know what they did wrong or how to deal with the consequences for the crime that they are being charged for. Most of the time, a lot of children tried get sent to prison or are sentenced to execution. How can society execute children starting at the age of six through 18? A woman named Alex Kotlowitz is against children being tried as adults. “Juveniles should not be tried as adults because they are not mature enough to make adult decisions” (199). Kids…
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