Children Should Start At An Early Age

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Figure 1 These are my kids: Hezel, Angelia and Andrew
Babies are born every day creating a constant demand for advice about every aspects of childcare and general parenting. Children are not born with a ‘handbook’, thus, deciding the appropriate way to raise a child is complicated.

Being a parent is one of the most challenging task but very rewarding experience in life. I can say this because I’m a parent myself. I know what it takes to be a mother of 3 kid’s ages: 7, 4 and 3 years old. Providing their basic needs such as food, clothing and shelter are main responsibilities of a parent but teaching them good manners and right conduct is very important as well. Discipline is a form of teaching our children. When discipline is positive, its goals are to:
• Protect our child from danger.
• Help our child learn self-control.
• Help our child learn a sense of responsibility.
• Help instill values. Disciplining a child should start at an early age; 0-12 years old, during their formative years, where we can still have control over them. Otherwise, when they are already teenagers, it is harder because they have gained independence and freedom to do what they wished and most likely make wrong choices because they lack guidance and direction when they are young. Teaching young children right from wrong is a practice that has developed throughout the ages. Today, the focus is on positive discipline approach while guiding children through common situations, like when children…
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