Children Suffer Under The Pressures Of Poverty

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Tanya Reid-Russell
Professor Erickson
Research Paper
June 23, 2015
Children Suffer Under the Pressures of Poverty Throughout history Poverty has been a problem that affects the world. There are multiple dimensions that are the result from living at or below the poverty level. Children suffer under the pressures of poverty, they are helpless victims. Poverty does not cause Child Abuse or neglect but it does contribute or exasperates an already dire situation. The effects of poverty rains down on our society like a disease with no plausible cure. Around the world there is hunger, deplorable housing, lack of work, inadequate medical care and more. The faces of neglect are seen everywhere. The results of growing up in poverty can be seen by turning on our televisions and viewing the news. Constant reports of murder, robbery, suicide, and child abuse are evidence of hopelessness, desperation, and broken souls. According to Poverty and Child Maltreatment: Common Challenges and Solutions Family Economic Success Learning Network Webinar, December 11, 2009, “Poverty is the single best predictor of child maltreatment. Children living in families with incomes below $15,000 annually were 22 times more likely to be abused or neglected than those living in families with incomes of $33, 0000.”
According to the Department of Children and Families abuse is a non-accidental injury to a child which, regardless of motive, if inflicted or allowed to be inflicted by the person…

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