Children Upbringing

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Growing up in a single parent household can bring certain problems for an adolescent, such as understanding roles in the household. Not having the right gender around to learn from, and the amount of social qualities towards the same or opposite sex. In today’s world, socialization has been the key to networking, self actualization, and career decision making. There are many of stories dealing with adversity, based on the living conditions someone is exposed to when growing up. One of the most important factors is the upbringing a person goes through from childhood to adulthood, with different influences. To influence someone, is to have an impact in someone’s life so much that it will take what has been absorbed, apply it towards …show more content…
Children have to know how to separate the social awareness of the type of crowd they can fit in. In each school there are the cliques, fringe, loners, and circles of friendship, all of which affect a child during the times of teen life. The Cliques, which are the most popular groups, are usually the athletes, beautiful, affluent young men and women that make up about 25% of the population. They have the most friends; socialize with others than most kids because of their image, which draws the attention to other classmates and teachers as well. The parenting for the teens that are in Cliques, treat them differently than most children. They give them more freedom to go out with friends, but also set standards enough for them to educate themselves and learn how to use their knowledge rather than talents, or gifts. IF they are using their talent, use it in a good, responsible way because some kids take their talents and have a tendency to be over confident, arrogant. Which will cause conflict in the household because if though the parent is working to pay the bills; the child has so much social interaction they begin to feel they are more important, turn it on their parent(s). The fringes are the ones who hang around the cliques but are not part of the clique. It could a friend they grow up with, but do not participate in sports or lack the popularity that other
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