Children Who Are Abused And Neglected At Home

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The research shows children who are abused and neglected at home who are reported as such are more likely to receive immediate help. Further, young mothers who had children early in life and who grew up in an abusive family tend to exert the same abusive behavior learned from their parents. Within the same context, when household is comprised of multiple children, especially from low-income if the parents are not equipped with the proper child rearing techniques and under extreme pressure, abusive behaviors are distant on to the children. Other factors contributing to parental abuse and neglect can be attributed to mental and medical conditions and external factors such as media, causing a young mother to be abusive or neglect to her child. These behaviors point to a “cycle of abuse” (Widom, 1989).

It is widely accepted that parents who were abused, as children are likely to abuse their children. There are many studies, however, that indicate a fraction of those who are abused in childhood, will become abusers themselves. Despite the numbers, this still presents a societal challenge. While abuse may not be in the form of abusing others, research confirms that abuse in childhood increases the likelihood in adulthood of problems ranging from depression and alcoholism to sexual maladjustment and multiple personality. (Grady, 2015)
To break the “cycle of violence” (Widom, 1989) you have to first stop parental maltreatment of the child before the children grows…
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