Children Who Are Blind Children

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This article is about written by the authors H.Trpster, M.Brambring. It was about differences between the behavior children who are blind and children who are sighted. The sighted children are felt more comfortable levels of playing at the earlier age than did the blind children. The blind children felt less uncomfortable with other children who was sighted children, the blind children played tactile auditory games and toys and in simple games. Children were playing important of source of information for children’s sensorimotor, cognitive and social-emotional development. The blind children are the Measurement of one or more children with developmental delay worth five areas: cognitive development, physical development, communication development, social development and emotional development, adaptive development of functional independence. Children with mental and physical, which can result in developmental delay future diagnostic criteria did not currently. Children do not early intervention at risk of developmental delay. Differences appear to indicate the chronological age and performance level. For example, a 25% of all delays is measured from the body surface was developed to accomplish the level of less than nine months in the area of motor development for children 12 months of Iowa (Iowa) in the State. Month of defining a developmental delay should be delayed a few months ago in an infant life is the unit may be. Children 0-12 months, 13-24 months the child is three…
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