Children Who Grow Up In Poverty

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1.) The topic of this media looked at why do some children who grow up in poverty do well and others struggle. The purpose of this study set out to measure the baby’s heart beat when under stressful environments as a result with how they responded when their mom left them and then returned moments later. This article portrayed children’s behavior problems as a response to when they were left alone and when their mom returned.
2.) From the media coverage, I learned that everyone has a different set point in accordance to their heart beat with inhaling and exhaling. Researchers found that babies who have a high set point can focus and have better attention spans in their surrounding environment, however they tend to be fussier and more irritable. While babies who have a low set point, tend to be less irritable and fussy but loose interest in a matter of minutes. Babies who had a high set point and secure attachment with their mother performed the best and had the least amount of behavior problems.
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We learned in chapter 4, the combination of physical contact and holding your baby in an upright position helps sooth your child’s crying. Chapter 2, research showed that higher socioeconomic status (SES) parents have a stronger relationship with their children and provide more warmth and soothing techniques to nurture their children with behavioral problems as opposed to lower SES parents. In chapter 7, types of attachment were differentiated amongst the four portraying which types worked the best. Secure attachment seems to have worked the best amongst 60% of North American infants in middle SES. Infants that are separated from their parents showed a strong possibility that they may or may not cry, and if they do it’s because their parents are absent. However, when the parent returned the infants crying was immediately
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