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Running head: CHILDREN WHO KILL Jon Venables and Robert Thompson: Children who kill Letia Bland Tiffin University Assignment #1 Dr. Joyce Hall-Yates The Juvenile justice system has changed over the years. Before the first establishment of this system, courts and judges treated juveniles as adults and sometimes received the same punishment as adults. For many years, there were debates on if children before the age of 21 were responsible for their actions seeing as they aren’t fully capable of understanding their actions. This murder of Jamie Bulger created an uproar all over the world on children at such a young age know right from wrong and also violence. Backgrounds, and family upbringing and violence in the media had played a…show more content…
Once she had noticed the boy she quickly called the police and the two boys were arrested for questioning. The simple fact that the boys were so young came as a shock to the investigators of the case. Forensic tests had made it definite that both boys had the same blue paint on their clothing as the same paint that was found on Bulger’s body. Both boys, Thompson and Venables also had blood on their shoes which matched Bulger’s DNA. The boys were charged with Bulger’s murder on February 20, 1993 and remained in custody until the trial. After the arrest, and throughout the trial, the boys were referred to as Child A and Child B. At the end of the whole trial, the judge released the two boy’s names since the nature of the crime was severe and also the public’s reaction to the whole case. They were identified and also came along with descriptive detail about the lives of the two boys and also their backgrounds. The release of the boy’s mug shots shocked the public because of the ages of Thompson and Venables. During the trial there were debates on how both children were not in control of their actions which meant that they couldn’t be held responsible for their actions. Many psychiatrists had tried to find the reason that made the two boys’ create such a horrific crime. One forensic psychiatrist stated that examining

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