Children Who See Too Much

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What goes in the mind of a mother when she first finds out about her pregnancy? Maybe she might feel extremely happy or maybe this news hit as a shock to her. Regardless, the majority of parents always think if they will be able to provide an adequate childhood to their child. After reading the book Children Who See Too Much, I realize that children are very sensitive to their environment. In this paper, I will try to discuss certain concerns expressed by the author regarding exposure to violence to the children.
To begin with, in the first chapter of this book, it is described that there are three levels of exposure to violence. These are exposure to media violence, community violence, and violence in the home. The media has been speculated enormous times as the main cause of violence in society. Various research has been conducted to prove this hypothesis. The one study that stood out to me is the longitudinal study conducted in Canada in the 1970s, in this study, the level of aggression was compared among two towns. One town with no access to television, another with the facility of television. After collecting the data from the town with no television, television was introduced in that town. When the data were compared at the end of the study with the town which had television originally, there appeared no difference in the level of aggression in both groups. Moreover, the incident of Challenger mentioned in the book shows how unpredictable media is. However, in my…
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