Children With ASD

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Children with ASDs have many listening and attention deficits. Thirty to fifty percent of individuals diagnosed with ASDs are also diagnosed with attention-deficit hyperactive disorder (ADHD), a disorder associated with difficulty sustaining attention, hyperactivity, and impulsive behavior (Leitner 1). Children diagnosed with ASDs, especially if they are diagnosed with ADHD too, are often hyperactive and can run without ever tiring (Furneaux 29). To help children with these deficits, variable-speed tape recorders and personal FM listening systems may be used (Stanberry 2-3). Variable-speed (VSC) tape recorders allow a user to listen to pre-recorded text or to capture spoken language and play it back later (Stanberry 5). The user can than speed…show more content…
Dyscalculia is a learning disability specifically in math (The Understood Team 1). Students with this disability have difficulty using symbols or functions and understanding number related concepts (The Understood Team 1). Children with ASDs are at a higher risk of having this disability (The Understood Team 1). However, ATs can make math classes easier for students. Talking calculators are calculators with built-in speech synthesizers that read each number, symbol, or operation key a user presses aloud (Stanberry 5). Students who rush during math, whether it is because of math anxiety, which is common among students diagnosed with dyscalculia, or because of their habit to rush through work, this calculator speaks to the child as a way to check the accuracy of the keys that are being pressed (The Understood Team 1; Hutman 4; Stanberry 5). Electronic math worksheets are another AT students with math difficulties can use (Stanberry 4). They are software programs that can help a user organize, align, and work through math problems on a computer screen (Stanberry 4). The numbers that appear on the screen can also be read aloud through the computer speakers (Stanberry 4). Electronic math worksheets can help students who have problems aligning math problems with paper and pen (Stanberry
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