Children With Adhd At The Age Of Eight

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My oldest nephew was diagnosed with ADHD at the age of eight and as he was growing up, it was really tough to understand and control him. He would be very impulsive, disobedient and would constantly pace around the house along with periods of hyperactivity. When he would get his report card sent home, some of his teachers would write a note saying that he constantly called out in class without raising his hand, shake his legs uncontrollably, got out of his seat to walk around or disrupt the other kids and have such short attention span. The thing about all of those disturbances, he maintained very good grades and is a very smart kid. As he got older, he began to learn about the triggers and where his ADHD would kick in and he’s doing great now; he’ll still have his moments where the ADHD will kick in, but it is much better present day. And he was never administered medication or therapy; he learned how to push the urges away but allow them to come out when the surroundings were not overwhelming. ADHD is another term I believe is loosely used and thrown around like Bipolar Disorder because some people are just not good at holding a focus. It takes a lot to begin with to hold our focus on something for a good amount of time and a lot of people immediately resort to saying they have ADHD when focus is limited. That’s unfair to those who are actually diagnosed or suffer the same symptoms but are not diagnosed yet. I cannot say I have every experienced what it is like to have

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