Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder Essay

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Siblings of children with autism spectrum disorder have received little Research attention historically, with most family studies focusing on either the child with the illness/disorder or the parents. More recently, research has identified that these children may need support in their own right, yet little published research is reported to inform this support. The aim of this systematic review was to identify the extent to which siblings of children with autism spectrum disorder facing psychosocial problems and have been researched in a systematic and empirical manner, to provide an overview of empirical evidence in this area, to synthesise the findings from this research and to identify any further research needs. The fifteen studies identified as suitable for inclusion for current review. Coping, adjustment, issues in relationship, quality of life, and behavioural problems were variables. Their findings have been extremely varied, reflecting the fact that no two families or situations are exactly the same. Factors such as the severity of ASD in the affected child, availability of social support, socio-economic status, degree of family cohesion, parental well-being, and individual character traits are all likely to play a role in determining outcomes for the neurotypical children of families affected by ASD (O’Brien et al., 2009).A need was identified for more rigorous empirical research in this area, which incorporates larger samples and uses randomised control
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