Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder

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An Autism Spectrum Disorder is a neurological condition that effects social interactions and communication. The Autism Spectrum Disorder is present starting in the early childhood years. In earlier years Bettleheim thought autism spectrum disorder was acquired by a “psychiatric response to an unsupportive and deprived environment” (Hunt, pg. 305). The current understanding about how autism spectrum disorder is acquired is that the child’s brain poses neurological differences and starts before birth in the embryonic development of the child. Autism Spectrum Disorder can be acquired genetically and is acquired at birth but can not be confidently diagnosed until around the age of two. This is because children with autism do not have any physical characteristics. At age two children begin to interact with others and start to work on their communication skills and that is why the warning sign that the child could possibly be on the spectrum is around that age. A child with autism spectrum disorder is affected developmentally and educationally. Development and education go hand in hand and since children with autism have delays with communication and the use of language, they often have a difficult time in the classroom. It is important for early intervention to start with the child as soon as the child is diagnosed with autism.

Some accommodations for children with autism spectrum disorder are early intervention, applied behavior analysis, the Lovaas Method,
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