Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder

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Parenting Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder Doctors diagnose one in sixty-eight children with Autism Spectrum Disorder every day. Autism Spectrum Disorder is a developmental disorder that affects children’s social skills, communication skills, and their behavior. The symptoms of ASD range from moderate to severe and vary from each child. Raising typical children is difficult, but raising children with disabilities adds to the stress of parenting. There is a strain on parents who have children with disabilities. It is important that parents with children with special needs take the time to rejuvenate from their child while still adhering to the needs of their child to help develop them to their full potential. Adolescents who have mild cases of ASD can become working and functional citizens and can become an active part of their society. Parents must learn as much as they can about ASD, balance their parenting styles and focus on their child’s needs to improve the potential of their child and develop them into self-efficient adults. A Closer Look at Autism Spectrum Disorder Autism Spectrum Disorder is a general diagnosis of several neurobiological disorders. According to Phetrasuwan et al, ASD is childhood autism (2009). A child’s social interaction and communication skills are affected by this developmental disorder. Some children who have ASD show highly functional cognitive capabilities and others show low functioning cognitive skills. Each ASD case is different,
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