Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder

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Goffman (1963) argues that stigma not only affects the experiences of those in possession of the stigmatizing characteristic (the own), it also tends to spread to close family members and to others with whom the bearer of negative difference associates (the wise) (Green, S., Davis, C., Karshmer, E., Marsh, P., & Straight, B, 2005)
Autism spectrum disorder pose greater threat to the family because of many reasons like the child with autism spectrum disorder is likely to be accompanied by disruptive antisocial behaviour. Second for the parents the process of make an accurate diagnosis and obtaining treatment is often a frustrating experience. Third after the diagnoses of the disorder the proper access to the services available for the child and family is limited.
Fourth is the lack of knowledge among the public on autism spectrum disorder. Parents of children with autism face hostile or insensitive reaction from the public when the children were taken outside. The main reason behind this is the normal physical appearance children with autism spectrum disorder. Finally, the prognosis for autism is very limited. This is something which is not curable. It is great task to make them independent. This all factors make difficult situation for families to cope with it. These stress will make great impact on the psychological well- being of the members of the family and same time it become a reason for the conflict arise in the family.
Stigma is one of the most difficult aspects of
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