Children With Hiv / Aids

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Ultimately, we learned the ways in which measurements are taken by DC CARE and other organizations in the DC metropolitan area that work with people who are living with AIDS, through our interview with Mr. Weston. We learned that there are many organizations in the area who are working to assist people who are currently living with HIV/AIDS based on a specific need that they demonstrate. Currently, DC CARE is doing their best to meet these needs by taking certain actions such as providing health insurance to low-income HIV positive individuals and training to those who directly work with these individuals. By making these fundamental efforts, service providers are really focusing their capabilities to help those people who are suffering with HIV/AIDS and are indeed making real progress. From an socioeconomics perspective, we saw that people living in lower living standards have greater chances of infections. Therefore, many organizations—including DC CARE—are contributing their budget to improve the poor’s standard of living.
Additionally, we learned how stigmatization impacts the prevalence of HIV/AIDS in the DC area and how one’s education level can also influence one’s chance of becoming infected. Though, it has been the common misconception that only the low-income and uneducated are at risk of infection, we learned from Mr. Weston that people with moderate income and college degrees, may also put themselves in risky situations. For instance, Mr. Weston gave us the…

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