Children With Hiv / Aids

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People living with HIV in the UK can now expect to live into old age if diagnosed promptly Internationally there is a Joint United Nations Programme named the HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) 90:90:90 targets. The aim is for 90% of people living with HIV to be diagnosed, 90% of those diagnosed to be receiving HIV treatment and 90% of those receiving treatment to have a suppressed viral load, by 2020. In the UK in 2015, 87% of the estimated number of people living with HIV were diagnosed. Of those diagnosed, 96% were receiving HIV treatment and of those receiving treatment, 94% had a suppressed viral load. The UK is therefore currently falling one of the three targets which for a country with a wealthy and well developed health care system is inadequate.…show more content…
Furthermore, a broader approach should tackle factors relating to the social and economic context of unhealthy behaviours, particularly those in poverty. Low income individuals are at greater risk of having poor health. Activities that target socioeconomic determinants of health could have a positive effect on overall population health. For instance, low-income neighbourhoods lack proper recreational facilities, and grocery stories lack fresh produce.
How we want to live and what is valued
Ultimately, health promotion efforts and activities reflect societal choices on how to live and what is valued; and these choices have long run implications.
"There is an ongoing debate about the appropriate objectives of healthcare expenditure, and whether the overall goal is to maximise health or to maximise some other concept of wellbeing and social welfare. This is particularly important in considering prevention, as the range of potential benefits extends beyond outcomes. As good health is an important precondition for other aspects of human well-being, health promotion and the prevention of disease is a significant consideration for any social goals concerning equality of opportunity."
There are wider societal benefits to prevention for
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