Children With Intellectual And Physical Disabilities

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Many people in our world are born with intellectual and physical disabilities. These people don’t have any control over how they are born, but we as a nation have the authority over how they are taken care of. From reading the fictional book “Flowers for Algernon,” the nonfiction articles “Disabled Couple Forced to Live Apart,” and “Social Sensitivity.” Many people with disabilities are not allowed jobs and/or education. The percentage of unemployment for people with disabilities is 12.1. There are numerous laws prohibiting people from discriminating against people with disabilities, such as the Fair Housing Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act. Although these laws exist, each and every day people with disabilities are faced with more problems, on top of the fact that they can’t function like a “normal” person. We should do more to accommodate intellectually disabled people in our everyday life, so they are treated as equal as anyone is. America is based off of equal rights for each and every citizen, and us denying people those rights is setting us back, as a country, a several decades. In the article “Social Sensitivity,” we are given a brief history of how of intellectually disabled laws have changed. One of the first, but not well known acts initiated to help mentally disabled was in 1801 when Jean-Marc Gaspard created “principles and methods” to help mentally ill people. In 1855 the first facility for the criminally insane was created in New York. After this not
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