Children With Mental Illness : The Meeting Client

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On 1/20/2016, CM met with the client to complete Bi-Weekly ILP Review. In the meeting client was dressed in full black attire. She was well groomed. Client walks with a cane due to chronic back problems. In the meeting client was hostile, rude, uncooperative and disrespectful. . It has been this writers observations that client displays signs of narcissism behavior. She often dictates to staff what she will do as opposed to working with staff. At times she reports knowledgeable of DHS Rules and Regulation and she constantly personalized staff as she quote” You guys are trying to make me a mental client.” During the meeting session client was loud and hostile with this writer that the Social Service Supervisor intervenes and join the meeting. However, client continues to display uncooperative, disrespectful behavior. Client talked over the Social Service Supervisor displaying sign of narcissism. In the meeting she constantly personalized staff of as she quote “I not supposed to be here in this shelter. This shelter is for people with mental illness. I do not have a mental diagnosed. My psychiatrist wrote a letter stating I do not have a mental diagnosis, and you people are trying to put a mental diagnosed on me”. She continues to report she will not participate in the psychosocial because she was informed by the previous shelter that the psychosocial evaluation is optional. She also continues to mention she was punished by DHS for reporting DHS to the Coalition,
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