Children With The Parent Families

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“Children with fathers at home tend to do better in school, are less prone to depression and are more successful in relationships. Children from one-parent families achieve less and get into trouble more than children from two parent families.”( The Consortium for the Study of School Needs of Children from One Parent Families, 1980). Children in single-parent homes are becoming more common now days; more so single mother families, where there is an absent father in the child’s life. Whether the father is present or absent in the child’s life, they still have an influence in the development of the child. A father’s influence on a child’s development occurs when they are absent part or throughout the child’s life, from birth until adulthood, as well absence after a divorce or death. Traditionally, families are usually composed of a two-parent household, but considering the changing times, most families have become a single-parent household. In consideration with the changing times, two-parent families have temporarily become single-parent families, due to a father’s temporary absence, whether it is for work or military services. Although a father’s presence is important to a child because it reflects a sense of stability and daily interaction with a father figure and male authority. As stated, “The role of the father in the socialization of children in the American nuclear family is of particular interest, since he is ordinarily the only adult male with whom the child can
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