Children With Weak Immune Systems

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Shemar Johnson April, 22, 2017 A&P 1 Prof Arlene Allam Assi HIV A person’s overall health should not be threatened due to temptation of risky sexual behavior. People with weak immune systems are in danger of contracting HIV because the progress of the virus can not be stopped. There are some people in the world that can not contract HIV because of their complex immune system. Over the years their genes have grown resistant to certain infections but their are people with very weak immune systems which makes HIV very dangerous for them HIV attaches itself to cells in the body and then quickly multiplies outnumbering the T-cells which are the cells that help fight off infections. Once there is a low amount of T-…show more content…
Some people believe that a cure for HIV can be made and there is not a enough money for research. “insufficient funding for HIV programs as well as prevention methods”. Improving funding allocation within HIV/AIDS programs developing countries I think this quote is not true because I know for a fact there is an extensive amount of funding for HIV/AIDS I disagree with this quote because I believe there is enough funding going towards research for hiv/aids when George Bush was in office he contributed the most money in history to ever find a cure for a virus there is huge amounts of money and research going towards programs and methods to stop hiv/aids so this quote is not valid to me HIV/AIDS funding has made over 24 billion dollars that is a substantial amount of money to perform research on a virus. Drug use plays a major role in the HIV infection statistics the reason for this is because when on very strong drugs you are not very aware of the actions you are performing and can be easily manipulated by others into performing sexual actions. Crystal meth is a highly addictive drug that affects the brain. Drugs never have a positive outcome when it comes to your health. “There is a statistically significant correlation between crystal meth use and unsafe sex and HIV infection”. Taking Drugs and
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