Children Working In The Factories during the British Industrial Revolution

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The British industrial revolution (1770 - 1850) had a super negative impact on the right of children. Since child labour was already a pervasive problem during the 17th century in Britain, the industrial revolution simply just made child labour even more overflowed. It was extremely unfair compare these thousands of children who worked non-stopping and suffered throughout their whole childhoods with the other normal kids who were at school and lived happily. However there had not been much things done to change this terrible fact. Therefore children working in factories during the industrial revolution was extraordinary normal. Before the industrial revolution started, Britain was poor, there wasn’t much factories and trading going on,…show more content…
If the population of a country is heigh, hence the need of cloths, food and living essentials must increase as well. People can not live without the stuffs that were produced by the factories, in a positive perspective this was a very good sign for the growth of economy, nevertheless this also suggests that more manual power have to be put in, in order to overcome the huge shortage of labour. Unquestionably one of the most popular solution was to buy children from orphanages which most of the orphans’ owners and workhouses would love to do for the good profits. Further more according to a workhouse owner described, there is an additional issue that made owners of factories and workhouses to use child labour, and it is because many machines were powered by wheels which could get stuck or broke very often, hence the only option to get them fixed in the most efficient function is to let kids who mostly have small hands to reach in and repair them, and this could be very dangerous. There were tones of other factors that made people prefer to use child labour, for most of the children were forced to, yet they had no choice due to poverty and other issues. Technically children who were working on workplaces were considered to be normal workers, therefore it was absolute legal to own these children to do physical works. However the conditions working on a factory can be horrible, most people back then had got
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