Children and Adults Encounter Toy Stores that are Rigidly Segregated by Sex.

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Everyday, children and adults encounter toy stores that are rigidly segregated by sex. Mainstream toy stores such as Toys R’ Us divide their toys, games and movies into two primary categories: male and female. A detailed look through a popular Toys R’ Us location exposes an undeniable hidden sexism that occurs through children’s toys. Gender socialization through children’s toys and games teaches as well as reinforces stereotypical gender roles in a harmful way. Through the gender-biased toys available to children, boys and girls learn to take on hyper-masculine and feminine roles and focus on stereotypically feminine or masculine activities. Upon entering Toys R’ Us, the gender segregation immediately becomes prominent through the store’s overall layout. The color scheme initially draws your eyes to either the “boy’s” section, engulfed by blue and navy engulf the walls of “boy’s” section of the store, or the “girl’s” half, flourished by pink and white. Furthermore, the store inventory reveals a controversial message: the female section of the toy store was significantly larger than they boy’s, with a lot more variety available. Little boys have a very set in stone collection of toys to choose from, while little girls had access to a much larger array of choices. This reality seems to feeds the stereotype that women require more material objects than men. The specific items made available to young children in Toys R’ Us can lead these impressionable boys and girls to

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